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Monday, 18 June 2018

Cast me in a Telenovela

I'm feeling all the Spanish vibes in this beautifully classic little dress.
Zara £25.99


Thursday, 14 June 2018

That Burberry Glow

Let's all just take a moment to digest the beautiful packaging that lays before us. Once you are fully satisfied that you've given these perfectly designed bottles enough of your attention, I will allow you to divulge into my rambley product review. I know its awfully shallow to judge a beauty product by it's cover so to speak, but I'd be lying if I said that presentation doesn't effect my opinion. I'm a creative person, and in my world everything must be pleasing to the eye... plus if I'm paying top dollar I want something with a certain Je ne sais quoi. To cut a long story short, it's safe to assume that I find the packaging momentously appealing. The simple, sophisticated style had me from the cardboard outer and that's before I even knew what was inside. The contents of the boxes did not disappoint in their beauty either. I'm going to stop waxing lyrically about packaging design now, but rest assured I could go on. 

Now on to the stuff that actually matters. I purchased the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in the shade Golden Radiance and the Fresh Glow B.B Cream in the shade Nude Rose. I'm really into BB creams at the moment, Dr Jarts and Shesido's have currently been my go to bases. On first swatch of the BB cream I thought Sh*t, (actually I probably said it out loud) because it looked way to light. I thought I'd made a pricey little boo boo, but turns out it blends out really bloody nice. *phewww wipes sweat from brow* Friends I'm not gonna lie the colour range is pretty abysmal, there are three shades all of which are pretty fair. This BB is incredibly sheer, it really is a your skin but better product. By this I mean, it will not cover blemishes but it is going to disguise redness or uneven skin tone and add radiance to your face. If you are all about the coverage, I assume you aren't really down for BB creams anyway but just in case this totally isn't for you. This is for enhancing natural beauty and adding radiance, not full beat. Lately I'm swaying more towards the natural look during the week and I think this is going to be perfect for work days. Last thing to mention is it is lightly scented, I like the smell but it kinda reminds me of suncream. It does contain spf 20 so perhaps that's why! Retails at £30 @ Feel unique or the Burberry site.

Complete opposite reaction when I swatched the illuminating primer. Yasss honey, drench me in this liquid. How beautiful is that glow? This product comes in two shades Nude and Golden, I opted for golden as I prefer gold reflects to silver. Purely because I think it compliments my olive skin tone better. It is not a secret that I am a slave to the siren call of a liquid highlight... actually any form of highlight. I'm trying really hard to be objective and not let my obsession cloud my judgement. Is it unique? Do I have anything else like it? Is it better than the ones I already own? The honest answer to every single one of those questions is probably no, yet here I am besotted. The allure of another pretty little highlight has gotten the better of me yet again. It looks beautiful under the BB cream, it gives your skin a really radiant finish that looks so natural. If you are a highlighter fiend like myself I would suggest you pick this up. Which lets face it, if you're spending your time reading beauty blogs and you have made it to the end of this post... you probably are as addicted to makeup as me. So I'll just leave it at happy shopping.

Retailing at £34 @ the Burberry site.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Is this what preppy looks like?

Full disclaimer I do not like ironing, sorry bout the creasing. 
I think tying a shirt in a loose knot at the front is a really easy way to make a dress shirt more feminine, I then just popped a little white crop on underneath and a structured white skirt. Easy peasy, yet super preppy and stylish for summer. 

Similar shirt available here alternatively any striped shirt even a mans one can look super chic.
White crop available here.
I've had to link a similar skirt here as mine was from a boutique years ago! 
Enjoy the sun! Love Kels.


Saturday, 12 May 2018

Where the festival at?

An entire post dedicated to a fabulous cardigan, yes that is all. 


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Those Hippie Vibes

I adore festival season, because my inner boho babe just loves all things glittery, floral and sometimes just downright outrageous. When i saw these orange and pink paisley flares, I knew I had to have them. Sixteen year old me would have wore these casually on the daily, my style's changed a little since then but occasionally I still dabble in a more muted boho style. Usually whilst I'm on holiday. I paired them with a simple black crop top and some huge wedges, I really wanted to wear a white crop with these but mine got dirty with suncream.. I wore my big hoop earrings and a delicate necklace that has my star sign on it. (If your wondering I'm a Libra)  I have honestly fallen head over heels for these trousers and this shoot has made me want to buy more colourful clothes! I have already made another 'festival' purchase to keep your eyes peeled for another burst of colour! ps how cute is the pink villa! Let me live there pls. #dreamhouse


Monday, 16 April 2018

Travelling Light.. is there such a thing?

I am not the kinda girl that travels light... I'm the kind of girl who takes a weekend bag with three outfit changes, seven makeup looks and three pairs of shoes for an overnight stay. That being said, I do appreciate travel sized products, mainly because the smaller the product the more I can bring! I'm pretty sure that isn't the point but you know what they say, if the shoe fits... buy it in every colour.

Anyway enough of me rationalising my spending habits, and more about travel sized products. Many brands do great travel options but the ones I find myself purchasing the most is usually benefit and MAC because they are so accessible. TooFaced mini's are pretty much only available on line so they are a bit harder to get hold off but also a good option. I also really like the Kat Von D travel options too.  I often get my benefit products at boots on 3 for £25 or I buy the gift sets around Christmas time because they tend to be better value for money and have super cute packaging. High Beam is my absolute essential, mainly because it can be worn on bare skin, on days when you need a little pick me up with minimal effort. My holiday day time look is usually suncream, high beam, mascara and lip balm. Mascara has to be TwoFaced better than sex mascara, which conveniently comes in a mini. I actually prefer travel mascaras, you use it up a lot quicker which means that the product is  a lot fresher. The smaller stem on the brush also means more control and as a bonus they are cheaper and sometimes even free... win win. My go to lip balm has to be Malibu, the coconut scent just reminds me of holidays and of course it contains the all important spf.

My night time looks are very different to my day time all natural beach vibes. I love getting dressed up to go out and when I'm abroad there is no exception. Even if we are just popping into the hotels all inclusive buffet, I will adorn skyscraper heels and enough makeup to make a drag queen blush. That was a bit of joke, I try to aim for a more glowy, radiant makeup look. Something that highlights my new tan and sun kissed freckled face. I try to bring with me glowy products so 'that gal' brightening primer is an ideal base for radiant skin. Usually I will bring MAC face and body along with me, once again it's dewy, light and also compact, making it travel friendly. I don't have a travel bronzer, so I just bring my bobbi brown one or occasionally my Chanel soleil de tan. But if you need it to be compact the Hoola mini from benefit is a great option. After bronzing I highlight with my high beam and then it's on to eyes. One of my favourite travel product is MAC's travel sized pigment in melon. Pigments last forever so even if you're not travelling I'd opt for the smaller size, its cheaper and it will still take you years to finish. I love the shade melon because it compliments a tan perfectly; it's described as a golden peach but in different lights it can look bronze, pink or even gold. Whichever reflect you happen to catch it's breathtaking and for the measly sum of £10 you can't go wrong. There are a wide range of shades in the pigments and they look really stunning as a pop of colour in the middle of the lid. For the rest of my eye look I usually take a palette than I'm loving recently to switch it up a bit, last year I took Modern renaissance everywhere. However if you want to reduce space taken up with makeup I think the Huda obsessions palettes are a good option, because the shade range is great yet the palette is so small. I also take my Kat Von D tattoo liner with me which is also available in travel size. Brows will always be done with my ABH dipbrow, I will never fall out of love with this product and it doesn't take up much space. For lips I will bring a good old nude, at the moment I've been liking this little travel sized sample from TooFaced I got in the shade birthday suit. I'll also just bring a red in case I feel like being dramatic usually Macs Rubywoo. Of course I finish it all of with a mini bottle of MACs fix plus.

I think it's pretty clear from the list I just rattled off I still take A LOT of makeup with me, but obviously you can condense the suggestions to your own requirements. I've had a lot of fun writing this post and I'm actually packing my makeup case for a holiday on Saturday. So this post has kinda helped me decided what products I will be taking....  Who am I kidding I'll probably just pack everything I own!


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Stick 'em Up.

Does anyone else get lured in by the spam email beauty companies send you? Yeah me too. Bobbi Brown recently had a spin the wheel type game where you won prizes. I happened to win a free full sized product when you purchase any Bobbi Brown product. I wasn't really in the market for anything in particular but ended up ordering a stick foundation just so I could receive my *free gift*. I'm such a sucker. Bravo for the good marketing ploy though, you got me.  ANYWAY,  I got a free full size glow stick which retails for £26 so I did get a good deal and I am actually really loving my foundation stick, so all in all it was a good decision.

Let's talk about the free gift, the glow stick in the shade sun kissed. First thing I thought was probably not my shade, maybe when I have a tan because I do go pretty dark... but right now my winter coat is in and I'm pasty as hell. I have had a little play with it regardless and I was surprised that it isn't as dark as it looks. In fact it's quite translucent, it really didn't look too dark after all and indeed did look sun kissed. So I was pretty happy with the colour, what I didn't like was the texture, this is just too oily for me. It really disturbed any makeup that was underneath it and I felt like it rubbed off because it just didn't feel like it dried down. That being said I have combo oily skin so if you're on the drier side you may really like this. I read the reviews on the website and it seems like oily girls are in agreement that it doesn't dry down. But those with dry skin seem to really love the hydrating aspect.   I'm not giving up on it just yet though as I want to try this when I am adorning a tan and not wearing any base products, I have a feeling this is going to look nice on the cheekbones and collar bones when I am actually sun kissed and the sun has dried out my skin a little.

All is not lost though, the free gift wasn't the product of my dreams but I am really loving the foundation. When I first applied this I was expecting the worse, because upon just swiping the product on my face it really enlarged my pores. I persevered with it and blended it out with a beauty blender dampened with some setting spray and it looked so beautiful. It has great coverage without being ridiculously matte or cakey. I still feel like my natural radiance shines through but it covers any uneven skin tone or redness. The most impressive thing about this foundation is its colour, it matches me perfectly. I really struggle finding a good undertone because I'm quite neutral and things often look really yellow or really pink on me. I got the shade cool ivory mainly because it seemed a little more on the neutral side in the swatch when compared to ivory which seemed pink and warm ivory which seemed very yellow.  I'm amazed I managed to colour match via the Internet so perfectly but here we are, and I'm over the moon. It is supposed to be for all skin types, which always makes me dubious. However it lasts reasonably well, considering I'm very oily and I touch my face a lot, it doesn't look too bad at the end of a shift. Not ridiculously good when it comes to longevity but decent I'd say a top up or blot would be required 5 hours in, if you are oily like me.

I'm pretty pleasantly surprised because this foundation was such a whim of a buy. Isn't it great when you have zero expectations about something and it really blows you away! This product has wormed its way into my everyday routine, and now I'm super excited to try more of their products. God help my bank balance!
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